One more step

I finally finished my testing for my application. I have applied for a 6th year degree program at SCSU. It’s a certification in School Psychology. If I am accepted I will be one step closer to my goals. To be a school psychologist in the US and to volunteer my time around the globe in areas affected by war and natural disasters. Just a few weeks of waiting to see if I am accepted. My fingers and toes are crossed!



I am thankful for everyone who has been there for me in my life. Friends and family who, without fail, have guided and protected me. We may have our differences, but that is what makes us who we are. It does not mean I love them any less, it means I love them even more.  Without them, I would not be who I am today. I will forever hold them close to my heart.

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Okay, I’ll bite.

Not much of a blogger. Used to write in a journal. You know usage of actual pen and paper? Remember the days when diaries, locked under your bed with a secret combination only you knew, were popular? Or a beautiful covered journal filled with blank pages for your thoughts? Except those were secret. This blog thing is out in the open for all to see if it is found.

Alright, I’ll bite. Until I get bored.

Hello blog world.